Inclusion and Diversity


Recent studies have found that diverse companies are 35% more likely to financially outperform more homogeneous ones. Therefore, the better an organization is able to leverage its diversity and create an inclusive culture, the greater success it will attain.

Every organization is different, and will experience distinct challenges as well as opportunities relative to inclusion and diversity. However, employing a framework will enable action that is sustainable for the long-term.

Using our proprietary Framework for Inclusion and Diversity, ThrivePROS Consulting will work closely with your organization to develop sustainable solutions such as:

  • Corporate Inclusion Strategy Development
  • Inclusion and Diversity Training
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Inclusion and Diversity Council Development
  • Employee Resource Group Development
  • Global Inclusion Strategies
  • Equity Audits/Adverse Impact Analysis
  • Target Marketing Strategies
  • Recruiting Campaigns
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Experiential Affinity Self-Discovery Workshops